What to study- fashion, and a passion for red lipstick, tattoos and high heels

“hey wait a minute girls in tattoos and high heels and red lipstick that’s the style I was always looking for, and I finally knew what I wanted to do”

“I always knew I wanted to open my own shop”

This week in Amsterdam we launched our first series of A Million Stories, interviewing Chris from “The girl cant hep it”, a “classy, sassy but oh so trashy” boutique clothing store located in the Soho of Amsterdam, The Pijp.

Not knowing what she wanted to study after school, Chris decided instead of doing the standard secretarial, teaching diploma which was more common in her day, she decided that she would go for something a little more creative and she went on to study sewing and tailoring.

When we are young and just stepping out into the word what do we really know about career planning, goal getting and making a living for ourselves, let alone living our dreams, or even believing that we can have our dream come true. It can!

We find out about Chris’s journey to owning her own dream clothing store and creating her own fashion label, “Hotrod Hussy”. We hear how each little step leads to the other and how doing the not so glamorous bar and restaurant work, can put us contact with the very people we need, to help make our dream more and more a reality.

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