Meet Cynthia -how do you know if you are an artist

Cynthia, a born artist who is going blind tells us her intimate journey of how being born as an Artist was conflicting for her.
How living up to her fathers talent as an artist was also not easy.

She has learned that the destination is not important, neither is the final painting on the wall, or the five year goal plan.
In her words…”Just start and you will see when its finished, if its finished, and maybe there comes something else”

Cynthia is going blind, and in trying to find her way, and her own truthful expression in this world, Cynthia comes to only one beautiful conclusion… Just to be, here, right now, in this present moment…that is nice.
She adds…”I believe the only thing, is to be in today, in the now, in this hour”

Join us in this wonderful transparent conversation with Cynthia.

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