Meet Paulo – an artist – use what you have to compliment and align with your truth

A Million Stories meets, Brazilian Artist, Paulo Vivacqua
Vivacqua, meaning “flowing water”, shows us his beautiful interpretation of two river forms coming together in a composition of cultures.

While looking at the river formations illustrated on the walls; of Vivacqua’s wonderful temporary cozy art studio located on the Canals of Amsterdam’s,, Jordaan neighborhood; through the little speakers, we listen to the Brazilian ethnic Indian sounds merging with fifteenth century Frisian melody…. creating an almost meditative effect.
Wonderful experience…However, what is more interesting, is Paulo Vivacqua himself.
Since he was young, Paulo always wanted to express himself in a creative way.
In his Portuguese accent he says…”I wanted very much to be an artist since very early, I decided I want to be a composer, so you are not going to get any money out of this, he adds, its going to be very difficult, its better to be a doctor or an accountant, I don’t want to, I want to be a composer. I want to be an artist (he laughs) Its just that”
He goes on to say that you have to be happy to not know what is coming, to be open to the unknown, and even then, sometimes you don’t get clarity or the perfect idea.
As an artist you need to weigh up your options of course because its not always easy to make money.
He believes “to have a good life – in your life – to eat well, love, and to do what you want” these things are important.”
He further adds “If you are concerned about too many things you become somehow…not open, you have to be careful to clean yourself time and time, listen to music, doing meditation, you have to be driven by this will of doing something new always, if you not in the situation of vulnerability you not going to come out with something new. You have to, not know, what you are going to do”
Just before saying good bye, I asked Paulo what advice he would give to other artists out there.
“The main thing is to keep doing your work through the years, you have to create a body of work,so you have to hold on.Cause at the beginning, we’re just another artist in the world”
He goes on to say,
“you have to figure out your will to be an artist, and your pleasure of doing what you are doing, and hold on”
Thank you Paulo…what a fabulous journey into your world!!
In simple terms…don’t give up, live your dream, cleanse your soul, and do what you love!!

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