Meet Evelien – single & chooses to have children anyway

“why is everybody else married with children and why am I all by myself”

Heart broken, depressed, low self esteem, several visits to the psychologist, and certainly-no Prince Charming around to help make her dreams come true…Meet Evelien de Jong, in her early thirties.

Evelien always knew that she wanted to be a mother. The only problem was – there was a missing link… a man!
BUT… was (and is) this a problem??
Evelien decided, that she was not going to let the fact that she could not meet the right man, get in the way of her dreams of becoming a mother.

“I think it’s very important for us to loose the norm of “huisje, boompje, beestje” (love, marriage and a baby carriage) and create a new norm that everybody can use to have a fulfilling life”

Join our conversation with an inspiring woman who ignored the pressures and opinions of society, and took her dreams and herself, seriously enough, to create the life that she always wanted.

What seemed to be an obsession, led Evelien to realize her passion, that had in fact, always been there.

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