Meet Hanne-changing career -Marketing OFFICE job to the OUTDOORS

A Million Stories meets with Hanne Tersmette, a Dutch Ranger.
Hanne used to work in PR and Marketing and now follows her love of working as a Ranger in the “Dutch Bush”

” Nature is not only nice to have, but also it’s important for everyone, to get breath, to relax, its good for your health, we need nature”How wonderful it is to spend time with someone who has so much love and energy for what they do every day. It brings a peace to be around such a person…I suppose because, they are at peace.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all simply did what brings us peace. What kind of world would that look like..?
Hanne studied Marketing. Her first job was in the marketing arena and then she moved into the Public Relations industry. In both – targets and sales where the driving force of her day. One day she decided “this is not my cup of tea”
… and what does one do when they are at a cross road? …they either listen to their heart or to their head. Hanne chose to follow her heart.

In asking Hanne what advice she would give to students who are just about to embark on a career – she explains…
” I think you must do it from your heart. You must do something that you like because every day you must go to your work, and when you go to work and you don’t like it, its very hard. And now every morning I go to the woods or to the office, and I think, its the most wonderful thing I can do. And I think that’s the start, do something that you really like…and love”

Join us for a wonderful, naturally beautiful, conversation with Hanne who spends her life simply doing what she loves

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