Meet Marleen-changing career,corporate job – starting a food business

“the question i asked myself was, what would be worse, doing this and failing or trying this and being successful in the end… or not doing it, so in the end it always seems to me that not doing something you truly love, that’s the worst case scenario…always”

Through one of her most heart felt and challenging career choices to date, Marleen shows us that sometimes we need to question what our employee does and then mirror that back to ourselves, and then ask ourselves…what do i believe in…or…what about this process would I change…or … how would I do this differently or perhaps….what is missing here? Marleen worked for a big commercial grocery store and at a certain moment she felt that the story behind the product was missing, a certain personal, intimate touch and love behind the product. Find out more about how Marleen developed her business concept to satisfy her connection with truth and meaning in this world.

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