Meet Nicky-how becoming epileptic saved her life in the end

“it was my lowest of low, you wake up in the morning and you are just filled with negativity, that you just cant carry on, its such a terrible environment”

“there is no reason you can’t try again, you can fail and fail, but the only thing that is really a failure is if you don’t get up and you don’t start and try again and push through on your dream and on your drive and on your purpose in life”

Since Nicky was a young girl, she always knew that she wanted to help others live a good life. At age five, while some kids were wanting to be fire fighters and ballerinas, Nicky knew that she wanted to help people live their best life. With such a great outlook and purpose in life she did not expect to take a wrong turn.( or perhaps it was not a wrong turn but a necessary turn to motivate her alignment with her truth later on down the line) At fifteen she ended up in a cult – a point of no return. After trying to escape many times, Life…The Universe, or simply the intelligence of the body and mind working together, brought about a turn of events, and she managed to break away from this cult. Nicky became epileptic while at the cults base camp and one thing led to another – the epileptic seizures could no longer be hidden under the carpet because a member of the public happened to see Nicky have grand mal seizure, which is caused by abnormal electrical activity through out the brain. Nicky took control of an almost uncontrollable situation and turned her life around. Thank you Nicky for sharing your story with us and showing us how life’s truth and purpose count for everything, and that the worst thing you can do, is not get up and try again!

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