Meet Sebastiaan – self taught Artist – exhibiting & publishing

A Million Stories meets Dutch Artists based in New York – Sebastiaan Bremer.

“I put little stories inside of everything that I do”

Magical…Meaningful…and honest. Three words to describe Sebastiaan’s visual contribution to making the world a beautiful and interesting place.

Sebastian did not get formal training as an artist, he simply just did what he loved and let life, passion and his anti-authority streak lead the way.

In one of our conversations about meaning, Sebastiaan says
” I am trying to create it, and I think that’s what people do all the time…you find little moments, but it takes a certain mood to perceive it; and that’s a bit like faith and hope, and sometimes its there and sometimes its not.
And this is a kind of daily practice, with a little bit of discipline
and a little bit of logic you can save yourself from the darkest – meaningless – and find the light ”

He goes on to talk about how humor is so important and not taking yourself too seriously in life.

Join us in listening to the life story of Sebastiaan Bremer. Where he talks about his youth, comics, his inspirations, the importance and support of his parents, life, love and art.

Normally we try not to go over thirty minutes in our interviews…but when someone is so wonderful to listen to, and they share their journey with us in such an open way….we keep the camera rolling and we listen with all ears.
After all, isn’t that part of what life is about – listening, enjoying and learning from each others stories.

Thanks Sebastiaan, you have reminded me how wonderful it is to connect with people who wear their heart on their sleeve.

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