Meet Sophia – Home Schooling her kids & LOVING IT

“I am just having a tremendous amount of fun creating a learning rich environment where I am learning as well”

Being a mother, educating her children and creating a learning rich home environment all resonates with Sophia’s truth. It taps directly in and flows straight to and from her heart, giving her, her sense of truth, purpose and passion.

Sophia and her husband, Adam, decided to home school their three children, and since then they have never looked back…nor (in Sophia’s words) have they had to step into that machine, that once you enter, it takes you and it goes…wake up early, pack lunches, gets kids to school go go go…. this was not however the inspiration to home school. Sophia believes that its a gift and privilege to be a mother and as such educating her children rounds off this role beautifully. She says ” I see it as a great privilege that its Adam and myself that are laying the foundations for them.” ” home schooling to me just rounds off Motherhood beautifully” Creating a learning rich environment for her children is not just about her kids being educated, but its a lifestyle that should be apart of life…always. Sophia believes that children are not empty buckets to fill but little trees to grow. Join us for a wonderful and inspiring conversation for every mother, father, care taker… or that someone..who is looking for ways to live their truth

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