A Million Stories meets Brent,changes career, from the Finance world into Nature

In our conversation, Brent says…
Everybody’s success lies in a different approach, I just had faith in the orientation of the heart.
Jen: And you still do have that faith?
Brent: absolutely because that’s where my adventure is, that’s where my quest is, where my enquiry is. What truth does that align you with? This is the discovery for me.

I felt like I stepped into myself, I was fully doing exactly what I would be most fascinated to do”

Meet Brent, He started out his career studying to become a Chartered Accountant, and worked for JP Morgan. A niggle or a voice inside him, suggested he move in a different direction to what he started out doing.. Find out how Brent stays true to himself and why he thinks its so important to connect with nature.
“We are natural creatures, so our natural home is nature… and to know where that is, and what a miracle that is, is incredible”


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