Meet Jeannette

As a small town girl from South Africa, Jeannette’s love of broadcasting began with her own small radio show at school. She jumped into her career with her characteristic flair and tenacity; succeeding in making her way to top positions in sales and recruitment. She spread her wings to London and started her own company, Enjen Solutions, recruiting Engineers from all over the world.

A family tragedy caused her to pause her career and review her life choices. Understanding in a moment, that the only thing that will matter in the end is love, she reached the conclusion that, while we still have a life to live, we are all creative, social beings;  we owe it to ourselves firstly, and to our communities to interact with one another at our best. Connecting with the most truthful expression of ourselves.

After throwing herself into all the avenues that could possibly interest her, in other words, doing a lot of experimenting – painting, writing, coaching, fashion design, hosting radio talk shows, international film and documentary festivals – she arrived at the concept for A Million Stories. An online TV program which inspires and empowers our human community to live truthfully.

Communicating with people has always inspired Jeannette. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, colleague and friend; everything she does comes from the heart. She genuinely cares about people and that they follow their dreams. Professionally, this is how she is making an invaluable contribution to society today: by inspiring people to do what they love.

For the rest, she is a family woman, and equally believes that a mothers contribution to her children, in time and energy, is priceless. In order to be her best as a mother, she needs to connect with her best as a person, and so the cycle goes on…

“Life matters every day,
and doing what you love matters
because you live today.”