About us

Channelling Inspiration

A Million Stories is about spreading inspiration through sharing the best of people.

It’s a captivating online TV channel for everyone, from those needing motivation, to those wanting a feel-good story, to those interested in a specialist topic. Dynamic host, Jeannette Rodd, allows people to relax and communicate their wonderful stories, aspirations and dreams.  A Million Stories does not focus on moneymaking; it follows people who are tapping into their soul. With Jeannette’s diverse business background, she has a good understanding of how business works: the hardships, issues, joys, obstacles, rewards and so on.

By sharing these stories, she and her guests inspire others who dream.  Challenges are addressed, opportunities identified and strategies shared – working to uplift or shift one’s independent career decisions, possibilities across the globe, and most importantly one’s connection with inner truth and purpose in this lifetime.

A Million Stories covers people from all walks of life who are successfully doing what they love, and goes deep into their motivators and idea origination.
It’s about really getting to know and understand what makes people tick and indulging our desire for beautiful human stories. Hearing the best of people makes people happy.

A Million Stories inspires us to be our best and do what we love.